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When HKUST was founded in 1991, few expected that we would have risen in reputation and recognition in such a rapid manner in a mere 25 years.  25 years is all but a fraction of history for many long-standing higher education institutions around the globe.  For the HKUST community, it has been a lifetime.  But what we have achieved would not have been possible without key contributions from every one.

The University’s 25th anniversary slogan is “Innovating Today, Imagining Tomorrow”.  At the heart of HKUST is our belief in the power of innovation and imagination.  With a Can-Do attitude, we have come this far in such a short period of time.  But we are by no means satisfied.  We must aim higher, to make this University an even greater place for the world to see and recognize.  To do that, innovation and imagination hold the keys to our future success.

Join us in our celebrations as we toast our collective achievements and chart a bolder course.

Yours sincerely,